About Places

Figure.NZ Places is a free tool to help you find and explore data about New Zealand’s district council and city council areas. By showing you data to consider alongside what candidates are saying, we hope it will help you make informed decisions during the 2019 local elections.

Places uses data cleaned and published on Figure.NZ. It brings together figures from multiple government agencies in one place, so you can easily understand what’s going on in your area and compare it to other areas of New Zealand.

Places uses an open-source tool called Fundamental Figures to generate the data files this website uses. You can read and re-use this code in our GitHub repository. Unfortunately, we can’t open-source Places because some cosmetic elements are not available under an open source license. If you’d like a copy of the Places website without these elements, contact us at help@figure.nz.

Who made this?

Places is brought to you by Figure.NZ.

Figure.NZ gratefully acknowledges Sam Wood of Tentacle Software Limited, without whom Places would not exist. Sam built the Fundamental Figures processing tool and helped assemble the finished Places product.


Figure.NZ is a charity dedicated to getting the people of New Zealand using data to thrive.

We do this because we want to live in a country where everyone can take part in creating a delightful New Zealand. We believe we can progress towards that by helping everyone in our country understand the things they care about so they can make great choices.

We’re committed to making New Zealand’s public, aggregate data available through our website — for free, for everyone, forever — because we believe data is not just for experts, and its true value lies in people using it in their day to day lives.

We’ve put data about New Zealand from over 175 different organisations into one easily searchable place, where more than 43,000 charts and datasets are available.

Now that we’ve established the technology, systems, and processes needed to make our country’s data easily available, we’re focused on getting it into the hands of New Zealanders, and providing the support they need to make good use of it.




Tentacle Software

Tentacle Software is a software development company based in Auckland, New Zealand. They make cool stuff for the web.